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Why does Absolute granite care use Lithofin?


LITHOFIN - the original products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining granite, marble, limestone, ceramics, quarry, porcelain tiles, terracotta, quartz composite, natural and artificial stone.

Lithofin special products have been successfully used by stone masons for more than 50 years. The high quality, the versatility and the effectiveness is highly valued and leaves nothing to be desired. Lithofin offers the right solution for every situation.

Lithofin is produced by Lithofin AG who are an internationally recognised authority on the subject of cleaning; sealing and maintenance of polished and unpolished granite, marble, limestone, ceramic and porcelain,. The Lithofin programme originated from a few products for stone masons. These products grew in number and fields of application and developed into a comprehensive range of stone care products for professionals and end users.

Based on the experience of experts and supported by on-going laboratory and practical testing the Lithofin programme sets the standard for quality. It meets the professional’s expectations of effectiveness, as well as the end users need for products which are easy to use.

Lithofin are considered to be the best there are a lot of cheaper brands, we here at Absolute Granite Care in Manchester only use the best as you the customer have invested a lot in your Granite Quartz Worktops, Fireplace, Bar tops, Tiles and only want the best for your investment.

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