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Frequently asked questions & answers.



Does Granite need sealing?

Unsealed Granite is subject to some staining from cooking oils for instance, but occasional resealing, subject to amount of usage, will preserve the great look of this beautiful product!


Is it necessary to seal granite?

Yes. Unsealed granite can absorb stains --especially from oil. It can also become dull or etched from acids such as citrus.


Why seal granite countertops?

Granite is real stone, and as such it is naturally porous. Microorganisms can grow in the pores and contaminate food on the surface.


What's all this discussion about sealing the granite or marble?

Both granite and marble are somewhat porous by nature meaning they have the propensity to absorb liquids which may lead to staining or discoloration if not properly sealed and maintained.


Does granite need special sealing?

Your kitchen worktops will be sealed prior to installation, and you will need to repeat this every six months to one year. The purpose of sealer is to keep liquids from penetrating the granite. Seal your granite when liquids other than water soak into your stone because these "other" liquids can leave behind hard to remove stains and also are home to germs and bacteria.



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