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How do I care for my travertine table top?

Q: Hello
I Am Writing From Australia Because Your Site Seems To Be The Only One That Mentions Travertine. We Have Just Purchaed A Table With A Travertine Top, It Has Been Sealed But I Cannot Find Any Other Care Instructions Apart From Clean With Damp Cloth And Dry. Can You Tell Me, Would It Be Best To Use Something Like Lithofin As Shown On Your Website. If So Would You Be Kind Enough To Advise Me Which Product Would Suit A Dining Table Top.

Thanking You In Advance
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A: Hi Vivien,

Thank you for your enquiry from sunny Australia to freezing snowy England.

It all depends on whether your Travertine table is honed (matt) or polished. If it is polished I suggest you buy Lithofin MN polishing Cream for marble, it will give your table more protection, it needs to be applied in small sections, left only for about 1 minute and buff to a shine, micro fibre cloths are good for buffing, you can leave it on longer it just means it will become harder to buff off, a lot more elbow grease. If your travertine table is honed then the polish cannot be used. http://www.lithofin-uk.co.uk/MN_Polish_Cream.html

To take daily care of your travertine table whether it is polished or honed, use Lithofin Easy-clean you use this the same as a normal domestic general everyday cleaning spray but it doesn’t break down the seals and helps maintain the stone.

I have attached a care leaflet to show you how to use Lithofin Easy-clean, I am sure you will have a local stockiest in Australia.

I hope this helps, enjoy the Sun.

From a cold England ( I’m not Jealous ).

Many Thanks


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