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Quartz slab can it be repolished?

Q: Hi, I hope you can help me with my granite problem even though it's not Indoor kitchen or bathroom granite.

I had a headstone made for my son seven years ago it is a flat "desktop" type headstone as opposed to an upright and it is made of black granite with a blue granite inlay.

When it was first installed the blue was stunning just what I had wanted, it was a rich deep blue with silver sparkles and had a great gloss finish, however it has faded terribly and the colour is now so pale that the silver inscription on the headstone is almost invisible against the very pale washed out granite. When the blue granite inlay panel is wet it looks just as it did when it was new but as it dries it fades to a very washed out pale very light blue colour

I have a small sample piece of the original blue inlay which has a label on the back the details on the label are as follows:

QUARELLA - Verona Italy
marble granite quartz
Worlds leading composite surfaces
Pianoforte - Azul Luciente ( I Assume is the colour)

Any advice on what can be done to restore the blue granite to its former glory would be much appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kate Behan

A: Hi Kate, I am really sorry to hear about your trouble, your stone is quartz stone and should not be used outside as it weathers and will lose its shine, quartz stone cannot be polished by hand. I suggest Slate Seal even though Slate Seal is not ment for external use, you will have to keep on top of it stripping it and resealing it, but hopefully this should work, if not if you would like me to come over and have a look and test some products please let me know.

I hope this helps.

Many Thanks


Reply: Hi Lee, I just wanted to let you know how very very pleased I am with the slate seal product I purchased from you last week, the result on the headstone inlay is amazing, the stone looks the way it did the day it was installed. Click here to see all of the letter & pictures

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