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LTP Boiled Linseed Oil

LTP Boiled Linseed Oil Tech Sheet


Traditional Pre-Polish Sealer for Terracotta.
Interior use only
A rich golden coloured oil ideal for protecting and enhancing machine and hand made terracotta. Fills and hardens within the open pores of the terracotta inhibiting the absorption of grime and fluids. Offers
good mechanical strength to low fire hand made terracotta.
Do not let the oil oxidise on the surface of the tile. Remove any surplus, not absorbed into the tiles, within one hour of application using a clean cloth and, if necessary, a little Genuine Turpentine. Experiment on spare tiles to establish the number of coats required to achieve full saturation.

2 Litre

£21.95 Including Uk Delivery

5 Litre

£44.95 Including Uk Delivery



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