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LTP Mouldex Spray

Mouldex Tech Sheet

LTP Mouldex

KILLS & REMOVES MOULD SPORES, FUNGUS, ALGAE & MOSS FROM GROUTING INCLUDING THE SURFACE OF SILICONE SEALS & OTHER DAMP PLACES. ANTI-BACTERIAL ACTION HELPS PREVENT RE-GROWTH. Formulated to cling to surfaces and remove mould spores, fungus, algae and moss from grouting, the surface of sili-cone seals and other damp places. Antibacterial properties help to prevent re-growth. Ideal for bathrooms and kitch-ens. Suitable for inside and outside use. Bleaching action helps restore white grouting to its original colour.

  • Grout Cleaner.
  • Anti-Bacterial action. 
  • Helps prevent re-growth.
  • Kills & removes mould spores.

£13.50 Including uk Delivery

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